Completed Projects

Dice Box 2.0

09 Feb 2018

I'm a gamer and like most Role Play Gamers I have a lot of dice. It would be nice to have something that I can store and roll my dice in with out them going all over the place.  

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Small Parts Cart 2.0

09 May 2019

I orginally turned a metal cart to hold my small parts containers for things like nails, screws, plugs, bolts and all othe other small stuff that tends to wind up in a drawer or a box of miscellaneous stuff. As someone that likes DIY I got a lot of small things that needing to be organized. Else I end up buying something that I already have and can't find. 

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Fairy Light Jar

06 Feb 2018


This was a nice little project that I did for Christmas Gifts for friends and family.  

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Smoker Rebuild

11 Feb 2016

Received an old Smoker that my grandfarther used for year. Time to fix it up. 

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