In Progress Projects

Combat Terrain; miniatures

09 Feb 2018
  • Combat Terrain; miniatures

Combat Terrian; battle Bits

09 Feb 2018
  • Combat Terrian; battle Bits

Dice Box 2.0

09 Feb 2018

I'm a gamer and like most Role Play Gamers I have a lot of dice. It would be nice to have something that I can store and roll my dice in with out them going all over the place.  

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Dice Box 3.0

09 May 2019

This will be the third version of making a dice box for gaming. 

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DIY Arcade Cabinet

09 May 2019

Being born in the late 70's I grew up with Arcade and pinball machines. Alot of fun times where had popping in quaters or tokens into these machines to play video games.  This project is an attempt to re-live those moments and also play some of those cool old school games that I never got to play. 


  • LCD panel
  • Buttons
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Lights

The Idea: The idea here is to make MAME cabinet.  There are only certin specific games that I want to play so this should be fairly easy to purchase the game cartridges for licensing reasons so I can legally play the games on my own.