Smoker Rebuild

11 Feb 2016

Received an old Smoker that my grandfarther used for year. Time to fix it up. 

It was a bit wobbly and leaned to the side plud it had several years of rust on the outside.  First was take get it back into shape with a few improvements. Later on I will add a temperature control with a fan. 


  • Rust on the side of the smoker were the firebox joins the smoking chamber.
  • Fire box very rusty and some light pitting on the outside.
  • This took a long time to remove all the rust inside and outside.
  • Adding the baffles into the smoker.
  • Bending some Sheet steel into shape to control the smoke so it can be distribute across the entire meat evenly as possible.
  • Added some L-bracket to raise up the grills inside the smoke chamber.
  • Shinny new bolts.
  • New high heat paint job on the outside
  • Took a angle grinder with a wirebrush attachment to remove the rest off best as possible.
  • Smoker is a bit rusty
  • Coated the outside with WD40 and the inside with Canola oil brought the smoker to 400 degrees to cook on the oil. Did this two times to help protect it from rust.
  • Everything back together with out the improvements.