Dice Box 2.0

09 Feb 2018

I'm a gamer and like most Role Play Gamers I have a lot of dice. It would be nice to have something that I can store and roll my dice in with out them going all over the place.  

The Idea: Turning Cheap Wooden Cigar Boxes into Dice Boxes.  I purchased several unfinished dice boxes online these included the hardware already attached. I don't need the hardware and took these off.  I had experminted on this idea prior and was un satisfied with the results it was a good practice but I knew I could do better. 

  • dicebox02-min
    Sizes being used for divider
  • dicebox01-min
    Test fit of divider
  • dicebox04-min
    Sanding smooth and flat
  • dicebox03-min
    Cutting down to right size to fit inside box
  • dicebox08-min
    Using Stop block to make sure hole distance is the same on all corners
  • dicebox05-min
    Align and fit cut pieces
  • dicebox06-min
    Checking Square while sanding
  • dicebox07-min
    Checking Length
  • IMG 20180302 193414
  • IMG 20180225 031806 949
  • IMG 20180225 064742
  • IMG 20180316 090509
  • IMG 20180319 075618
  • IMG 20180305 001257
  • IMG 20180319 075631