Future Projects

Below are the projects that I have on my list to do. Some have been on my list for a long while but some day I'll get around it it. 

  • Smart Watch Charging Stand >

    Making a Stand for my Fitbit Versa Smart watch.  Read More
  • DIY Wand and wooden box >

    This is a fun idea I had for a gift for a friend of mind.     The Idea: Take a wooden wine box and turn it into a wand case. Then also take a wooden dowl rod and craft a wand.  Read More
  • Gaming / Dining Room Table >

    I'm putting togethere a Gaming table that will also be a large dining room table. Gaming is a fun social event for the family and friends. We like to game at least 2-3 times a month having a table that Read More
  • DIY Arcade Cabinet >

    Being born in the late 70's I grew up with Arcade and pinball machines. Alot of fun times where had popping in quaters or tokens into these machines to play video games.  This project is an attempt to re-live those Read More
  • Donkey Kong Jr arcade cocktail table >

    So I bought a Arcacde. To be speficic a Donkey Kong Jr arcade cocktail table. But it has a problem.  Read More
  • Dice Box 3.0 >

    This will be the third version of making a dice box for gaming.  Read More
  • Rebuild of Red Wagon >

    Rebuild of Red Wagon Read More
  • Rebuild of Gas Grill >

    Rebuild of Gas Grill Read More
  • Portalable PC Crash Station >

    Portalable PC Crash Station Read More
  • Streaming Pi Project >

    I have several Raspberry Pi's and Cameras that I have purchased in the past. We are going to use these to create some streaming camera feeds that can be used to stream to twitch.   Currently Inprogress. Details will be posted Read More
  • Shadow Boxes for Boy/Eagle Scout Patches >

    Shadow Boxes for Boy/Eagle Scout Patches Read More
  • Town of Neistra; Diaroma >

    Town of Neistra; Diaroma Read More
  • Combat Terrian; battle Bits >

    Combat Terrian; battle Bits Read More
  • Combat Terrain; miniatures >

    Combat Terrain; miniatures Read More
  • Miniature holder(s) >

    Making a painting grip for painting minitures. Read More
  • Custom Paint holder Station >

    Making a Painting Station to hold paint pots, brushes and etc. Read More
  • Double L Desk >

    In this project I plan to build a new desk for my office to maximize Usable table space to work on various projects.  Read More
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